Friday 7:30 pm- “Socialize with us”

Many of us know a lot about belly dance since it is part of our training. But many of us have questions or some things that are not that clear regarding the history of belly dance. If you wish to enhance your knowledge about the origins of belly dance in a structured, well-researched and comprehensive way, this theoretical workshop is for you! We’ll go through different areas, traditions, fun and interesting pieces of information regarding the influence between the Western civilization and the Middle-East as it went back and forth. Take this journey with me into the realms of one of the most contemporary dance form in the world!

Ticket: 12 EUR

Saturday 7:15 pm- Gala Show

Ticket: 10 EUR in advance, 12 EUR on site

Sunday 7:30 pm- Closing Party/Festival Hafla

Ticket: 8 EUR