Mira Betz

Mira Betz has been teaching and performing Traditional and Contemporary forms of Middle Eastern dance for 30 years. Her unique neurological approach is changing the way dancers train, perform, and communicate with their own bodies. Mira, known as a teacher’s teacher, empowers students to cultivate curiosity, find their own unique voice, and brings the notions of artistry, integrity, and theater to every class. Her work has been instrumental in the emergence of a style known all around the world as Tribal Fusion, a dance rooted in tradition while forging new bonds between world dance and individuality.  She travels internationally continuing to spread her experience, knowledge and love for dance through her captivating performance and engaging teaching style. www.miramania.com

Yuka Sakata

Yuka began taking her very first American Tribal Style® classes at the FCBD® studio in 2010 and quickly became one of the obsessed students in the studio!  Showing up to classes three/four times per week to receive extensive instruction from her master teacher Carolena Nericcio and all the FCBD® instructors allowed her to gain excellent knowledge of not only the movements but also the aesthetic of FCBD®.

She never pictured herself performing in public at that time, but now she enjoys performing with her lovely dance sisters (local and overseas), Tessera Tribal (the FCBD® studio troupe), and her respected teachers.

She loves to continue studying at the mothership to become a better dancer day by day, and share her passion for ATS® with everyone!

Giulio Dilemmi

Giulio is one of the most recognized Fusion Belly Dancers in the whole world. He works everywhere for Prestigious Events and Tv Shows around the Globe and is famous for his Talent, Creativity and Eclecticism.

Isabel De Lorenzo

Brazilian born dancer based in Rome since 1998, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Literature (University of São Paulo, 1993). Co-founder of the prestigious San Lo’ dance studio in Rome; organizer of the Roma Tribal Meeting (first Tribal Bellydance festival in Italy, since 2010); director of the American Tribal Style® Belly Dance troupe Carovana Tribale (Sister Studio of Fat Chance Belly Dance®); member of the international ATS® Sisters Collective. Member of the International Dance Council – CID. Teacher and performer in numerous dance festivals and events in Italy and abroad. Pilates instructor training in progress. Collaborator with many theatre and dance companies with Frida Suite being her most known stage production. A new theatre piece is now on stage: Bambola.

Kindle Cimmerian

Currently based in Orlando FL, USA, Kindle utilizes many different styles to celebrate the spiritual, sensual and unusual through her art, with a primary focus on dance and movement. Since 2002, she has held audiences captivated by fire performance, using poi, fans, and fire palms. In 2005, during a move to Sacramento, she found herself fall in love with the experimentation and fierceness of belly dance ignited by instructor, Amy Sigil. Since then, Kindle has received intensive instruction in this art from world-renowned masters, including successfully completing all 4 phases of Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements™ Approach to Belly Dance, and became a Certified Datura Style™ Teacher in Nov 2016. Kindle consistently strives to educate herself  and promotes her growth as an instructor and performer by consistently studying and learning. 

Melody Bustillos

Melody’s vast dance experience spans over 30 years. She began in her youth studies in modern dance. As a certified ACE® group fitness and spin instructor, she started her belly dance journey studying with many masters in folkloric and classic belly dance.  She was a member of the Desert Orchid Dance Company. They were noted for their sword work and specialized in Suhaila Salimpour belly dance format.

She went on to study sword dance with countless teachers to hone her style and ability as a sword handler and has provided instruction to countless students along the way. She is forever the student as she continues her quest to learn from other masters in this craft today. 

She has mesmerized and captivated audiences worldwide in sword dance for many years and is well known and loved in both the ATS® and classic belly dance communities. Melody has taken the foundations of classic sword work techniques to a new level. Fine-tuned and integrated her work with both single and double sword seamlessly into the Slow ATS® vocabulary.  

Her latest project, she recently produced an updated dual DVD/Digital set “Any Way You Slice It” single and double sword instruction. 

Melody Bustillos is the director of Salt City Tribal, a member of the Sisterhood Al Sayf and a Sister Studio of FCBD®.

Becka Bomb

Best known for her love of everything Glitter,  Becka Bomb  is a instructor (certified American Tribal Style® (ATS®) and Sister Studio of FatChanceBellyDance® ), oerformer & emcee based in Phoenix, Arizona and director of LookingGlass Collective. Since 2007, Becka Bomb has brought her fierce brand of sparkle  as a performer,  instructor, and emcee to local and national stages. 

Sárközy Zsuzsó Shererah

Shererah has been immersed in bellydance for 14 years, she teaches, performs regularly in Hungary and abroad, and judges competitions. Her main profiles include showbellydance and tribal fusion, and she is always delighted to develop her knowledge and create new pieces. Shererah’s signature style is mesmerizing, spicy, feminine and dynamic. Her passion is dance, and sharing it with others, forming a web of happy connections, lifelong friendships and inspiration. She is an internationally recognized dancer, and students in her school learn the love of dance and feminine power from her, creating a glowing little society!

Stúber Gyöngyi

I started to study oriental dances in 2008. It was live at first sight, which turned out to be a long-term commitment. I had the opportunity to learn from the best Hungarian and international teachers, like Mercedes Nieto, Katalin Breban, Youssry Sharif, Tito Sheif, Lubna Emam, Esmeralda Colabone, Sadie Marquardt, and many-many other wonderful artists from all around the globe. I was a member of the famous Nymph Oriental Dance Company for 5 years. I was an active competitor and won various Hungarian competitions, I was the second winner of Bellydancer of the World competition at Duisburg in 2013 and first winner of Tarabesque Festival, Barcelona in 2016.I started my own dance school in 2017 in Budapest, where I teach mostly classic Egyptian and folkloric styles. I formed my group, Callista Oriental Troupe in 2019.Beside all of that I also love to experiment with fusioning belly dance with jazz, show, blues and other fantasy elements. For me it is utmost important that every single performance, whether it is a classical piece or a mind-twisting fusion, should be unique, special and that I could mediate inner added value and feelings.

Ládonyi Bori

I love to move from the beginning, enjoyed the rhythm and shape in motion. However I was afraid of sports and got frustrated by rival mood – dance wasn’t admitted. As a teenager I’ve started to explore a tons of dance form and by practice I felt better and better in my body. Slowly I understood that YES: dance take full value training effect to body and mind!

I clearly remember to my very first belly dance class, it was mindblowing: beautiful elegant and charmy movements, concentration and freedom… and hard work. The next day I felt intense muscle soreness at „good locations”. It happened almost 10 years ago.

I immersed into belly dance, started to perform and shortly got request to teach. I love to fuse with contemporary technique and I prefer to express something from me on stage. Besides belly dance I teach yoga and fitness classes, so as an instructor I emphasise on physical conditioning for dance and injury prevention.

Vitaliya Baranowskaya

Vitaliya Baranowskaya is a professional actress, student of a renowned artist of Russian Federation, Igor Pivovarich ( ballet master, choreographer of the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ project.) 

Vitaliya has studied belly dancing and other folkloric Arabic dances, all the while participating in solo and group competitions. 

Vitaliya has performed in a central theater in Moscow. She has studied ballet, modern jazz, folk and historical dances and acrobatics. She has received training and diplomas from leading tribal fusion performers of Russia and Europe.

Vitaliya has devoted quite some time to other dance directions such as classical Indian dance ‘Odissi’ and ‘Katkhakh’. 

Vitaliya’s teaching style is foremost based on working with energy, breathing and visualization, understanding of the feminine nature; she works with disposing of blocks and releasing the energy that was there but unused. Vitaliya works with stage fright that significantly impairs the ability of a person to express him or her self in emotionally in dance, and in other areas of life. Vitaliya teaches how to develop a character on stage and adopt the personna to any setting or production; to draw inspiration from the surrounding world and life that inspired it. 

Vitaliya strongly believes that any dance is a sacred act, devoted to the Gods, therefore she calls her style Temple Tribal Fusion. 

She has vast experience in women practices, tantra and Indian rituals.

Vitaliya leads her own dance collective named “Heartbreakers tribe’ and gives regular lessons and master classes for more than a year and a half. She also leads her own circle for women that helps ladies open up and lead more confident and fulfilled  lives. 

As a hobby she studies cultures, both present and past, paying attention to the role that dance and music played in people’s lives. Vitaliya is not afraid to experiment and easily assimilates other styles in her dance, that she then masters and shares with her wonderful students.