Dear dancers, we would love you to be a performer in the Festival’s Gala Show or the Festival Hafla!
Please fill and send this application form until 2019. November 1st.

Please notice organizer reserves the right to choose from the applications. Please understand that the space is limited so the music length. Time limit for solos and duos is 3-4 minutes and for groups 5-6 minutes. You will need to send us your music and photo until 2020. March 1st.

Please note!! All artists should register at least 1 workshop. The artists must write in the application the workshops in which they are enrolled. When performing in group, minimum 2 group member must be enrolled in at least one workshop.


  1. Good evening. My name is Jeffrey and I am traveling the world. I am experienced worker in festival preparation and also I been working for different types of festivals. Like to visit your place like volunteer. Please let me know about your availability and schedule. Joy and bliss Jeffrey

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